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Company Profile

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Qingdao Letai Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Up to now, only the fixed assets of equipment has reached 90 million yuan, with an annual output value of 100 million yuan. The company's existing plant area is 15,000 square meters. In 2020, the company will move into the new factory area, with more than 130 employees and more than 40 professional and technical personnel.
The company now has a new German Heidelberg 5+1 full-open printing press, a new German Heidelberg 6+1UV off-printing press, a new German Heidelberg CX102 off-color five-color printing press, a new German Heidelberg CD102 off-four-color printing press, Komori off Japan International synchronous top equipment such as four-color printing presses. The supporting equipments include Kodak CTP complete automatic plate making equipment, Heidelberg automatic grinding and cutting machine, Taiwan constant constant glue folder machine, South Korea automatic laminating machine, folding machine glue loading dragon and other large number of high-end post-equipment equipment.
Qingdao Letai Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd. is one of the strong printing enterprises in the island city. It integrates design, printing, postpress, distribution and transportation, and is specialized in the production of various printed products. A variety of advanced prepress, printing, postpress processing equipment, and a good reputation in the industry. The company has always pursued the corporate philosophy of integrity, efficiency, innovation and pragmatism. It has been committed to the development of high-end color printing packaging, successively with Tsingtao Brewery, Haier, Hisense, Kunming Pharmaceutical, Huadong Wine, Lushan Mineral Water, China Mobile, Vanke, Longhu, Zhonghai Long-term friendly cooperation between real estate, enterprises and institutions such as Hong Kong China Travel Service.
The company adheres to the concept of "people-oriented, innovation first", treats employees well, repays the society, improves employee welfare, responds to the government's call for social responsibility, and actively participates in various public welfare activities; the company adheres to "honesty, customer-oriented" The concept provides services to users.